Facts and Fiction

I’ve written an article for the August edition of the storytelling magazine ‘Facts and Fiction’ about the background to ‘Watchers of the Skies’ and how three generations of my family have researched and published material about astronomy in Homer’s epics. My grandmother, Edna Leigh, rediscovered an encyclopaedia of ancient learning contained within the images of the poems, and then my parents, on inheriting her papers, expanded and verified the work. They published two books, ‘Homer’s Secret Iliad’ (John Murray) and ‘Homer’s Secret Odyssey’ (The History Press) and more information can be found at  http://www.epicstars.org.uk

Since 2015 I’ve been performing ‘Watchers of the Skies’ which follows Edna’s journey across the Atlantic in one of the last convoys of WW2 and traces her intuitive and imaginative odyssey through the realms of myth and poetry.

Facts and Fiction available at https://petecastle.co.uk/fandf/