New Book for the Autumn

The launch of my new book ‘The Woodcutter’s Tale’ is taking place in London on Friday 27th September at the Centre for Literature in Primary Education.

The story, published by Ragged Bears, tells of how an everyday hero’s open-heartedness brings precious gifts from a tree faery. ‘The Woodcutter’s Tale’ celebrates themes of kindness and of living simply. It also explores the beauty of nature, and the importance of our connection to trees and woodlands. It’s a story for our times!

Faery Tales

I enjoy sharing traditional stories. They’re full of wisdom and wonder and can bring insights and nourishment to those listening. I choose the stories that I tell carefully, selecting those that are relevant and forward-looking. I try to craft the words as well as I can, using story language and age-old conventions that work on or off the page. So, I’m delighted with Emily Ford’s illustrations and her distinctive style. Her work brings a creative richness to the text, whilst also including a family that today’s youngsters can identify with. I hope that the book brings pleasure to children when shared aloud at school or at home, or when they read it quietly by themselves.

Story Play CIC

Story Play provides Storytelling and Creative Arts workshops for children and their families. In early 2020 workshops that accompany the book will be available for schools and community settings. These include Storytelling & Storymaking, Storytelling & Drama and Poetry & Creative Writing. For more information see Author Visits on the Story Play website. In October 2020 there’s a Weekend Writing Workshop in Hereford which explores how traditional tales illuminate aspects of our own lives and bring depth to our personal stories.

The Woodcutter's Tale
New Book – The Woodcutter’s Tale