“mesmerising, enchanting…

                         words flowing, music rippling, dream making              

                             …thank you for the magic.”

Performance storytelling with ancient myths, traditional fairy tales and poetry creating an atmosphere that is lyrical and dreamy and also powerful and mysterious. Carol has collaborated with different artists over the years to deepen the resonance of story images and to develop multi-layered narratives.

In the summer of 2014 she began working with cellist and composer Simon McCorry on a piece that traces her grandmother’s journey from the midwest of America to the northwest of England and her later discovery of ancient astronomy in Homer’s epic poems. ‘Watchers of the Skies’ was performed at the 2015 Ledbury Poetry Festival and was seen at theatre and performance venues around the West Midlands in March 2017. The show is now touring as a solo performance – incorporating music recorded by Simon, and with set design by Herefordshire artist Genevieve Belgard.

New Date: Oct 27th 2018 – School House, South Brent in Devon. Details will be posted soon.

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