Performance Storytelling


Performance storytelling with a blend of ancient myths, fairy tales and poetry which creates an atmosphere that is soft and lyrical, but also powerful and mysterious. Carol often collaborates with other artists in order to deepen the resonance of story images and to develop multi-layered narratives.

       “mesmerising, enchanting…

         words flowing, music rippling, dream making …thank you for the magic.”

Watchers of the Skies

Carol began working with cellist Simon McCorry in 2014 after meeting during a Creative Partnerships project at a school in Birmingham. In early 2015, they rehearsed in the Mayor’s Parlour in Tewkesbury and during this time she finally captured the story that she’d waited twenty years to write!

Watchers of the Skies’ traces her grandmother’s dramatic journey from New York to Liverpool in 1945. The details of Edna Leigh’s war-time voyage then illuminate a very different type of journey – one which went deep into the heart of ancient cultures. This journey of the imagination eventually led to the discovery of detailed astronomical information within Homer’s epic poems.

“A story spanning continents, three generations of one family and thousands of years of art & astronomy.”

The piece spirals around Carol’s childhood memories, details of her grandmother’s early life in rural Kansas, and the discovery of star charts and maps. The narrative is interwoven with references to the work of Homer, Keats, Rumi, Browning and other poets. ‘Watchers of the Skies’ was performed at the 2015 Leominster Festival, and also at the Ledbury Poetry Festival. In 2017 Carol and Simon then toured theatre venues in the West Midlands.

The show now goes out as a solo performance, with recordings of the original music. There’s a new set, which was designed and made by Herefordshire-based artist Genevieve Belgard. Venues for 2018 included Bridgwater Arts Centre, Bolton Little Theatre, South Brent Old School, and village halls in Herefordshire.


The Introduction and ‘Invocation to Athena I’ appears on Simon’s compilation album ‘Songlines Re-Threaded.’ The Invocations are based on a Homeric Hymn, and the track is titled Between the Waves and the Shoreline.’ It can be found on Spotify.