Storytelling and Leadership

People join with the narrative, rather than follow the leader,’       Parry and Hansen 2007.

Harness the Power of Storytelling

Stories can be very persuasive – shaping our views of the world and influencing our actions. This power can be harnessed by leaders at any level of an organisation to motivate and inspire. An authentic company story can distil your organisation’s vision and values, build loyalty and create internal and external engagement. These stories can help organisations overcome difficulties and reach towards a successful future.

Which stories are being told?

So, how to proceed with collecting and crafting the right stories? First, set aside time to reflect on the current ‘official’ stories which are the ones that should define your organisation. Have you got any? Are they a part of day-to-day company culture? Or are they hidden away somewhere on a website or in brochures high on a shelf? Are these the stories being told? And are they being told well? Do your company stories need improving or updating?

Stories that Lead

Here in the UK we do need some very practical solutions to manage the disruption that’s already being caused by the current political impasse. However, it’s possible to counter some of this difficulty and provide strength and wisdom in story form. After reviewing your organisation’s key narratives – the company mission statement and the team stories, it’s then important to also celebrate the success of individuals and to acknowledge the challenges they have faced. Developing these stories brings people together and connects them to a shared purpose. This collective wisdom can then be communicated out to inspire clients, potential investors, new employees and other stakeholders.

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