Stories and Storytelling enrich our lives. Through Story we embark on a journey to inspiring, invigorating, and sometimes challenging Storyscapes. We meet colourful and dynamic characters along the way and with them we are guided and transformed by the events of unfolding plots, before returning energised and ready to connect again with the world around us.

Storytelling is an ancient tradition and as an art form has been perfected and polished since the early days. Countless generations have been nurtured and sustained by its familiar forms. Storytelling speaks for all times and can bring wise insights into contemporary issues – helping us prepare for change, build resilience and also identify new possibilities for the future.

“Story is the only language understood by the whole mind.” Ted Hughes

Story Space is based in Herefordshire and celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. It has been developed by Carol Florence Graham, a storyteller, writer, coach and consultant, who has worked in a wide range of settings across England and Wales. She has a BA (Hons) in English and American Literature and over the years has undertaken a variety of trainings to deepen her understanding of storytelling, creativity and holistic learning and development. These include a Certificate in the Use of Drama and Movement in Therapy (Sesame) – exploring the transformative energies of metaphors within stories, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Mentoring and Coaching.

Carol is a member of Equity, the National Association of Writers in Education, and Lapidus (Writing for Wellbeing).