Harness the Power of Story – Storytelling for Business

Stories and storytelling are powerful forms of communication and a well-chosen story can transform individuals and organisations by building resilience and identifying possibilities for the future. Over the last four years Story Space has been working with different organisations, including technology start-ups, SMEs and charities, and has developed a range of transformative business storytelling programmes. These workshops build employee engagement by encouraging collaboration in the evolution of brand identity and company vision.

Story Space was founded in 2005 by Carol Florence Graham, a storyteller, writer, coach and consultant. Since then Story Space has designed arts-based workshops for people of all ages and from all walks of life. The collecting, crafting and communicating of stories is a dynamic and creative process and Story Space sessions offer opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

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“Story is the only language understood by the whole mind.” Ted Hughes

Carol is an experienced educator, facilitator and trainer. She has qualifications that have deepened her understanding of storytelling, creativity and holistic learning. These include ‘Psyche and Soma’ with the Sesame Institute – exploring the restorative energies of metaphors within stories, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Mentoring and Coaching. She teaches Tai Chi Movements for Well-Being and writes, performs and produces her own work.

Carol is a member of Equity, the National Association of Writers in Education, and Lapidus (Writing for Wellbeing).